Sneak Preview

In this series, we rewind to the beginning and demonstrate how to design the Sell One Item feature using Client-First Design with Mock Objects. We introduce collaboration and contract tests and show you step-by-step how to avoid the integrated tests scam.

This series has 9 episodes for a total of almost 4 hours of video.

Students are enjoying these episodes right now!

  1. Redo From Start: 35 minutes
  2. The Client Gets Their Way: 25 minutes
  3. I'm All About that Contract: 20 minutes
  4. Contract Tests: 35 minutes
  5. Legacy, Singleton, I/O: 25 minutes
  6. Shout Out to the Console: 20 minutes
  7. Show Me the Prices: 20 minutes
  8. A Long Look Down the Road: 35 minutes
  9. It Just Works!: 20 minutes

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