Two Streams of Content (Really! Read this before watching the videos!)

This course contains two streams of content, depending on your learning style. Choose wisely.

Maybe you prefer the Short Takes, which are (of course) shorter videos on a single topic. These videos don't try to explain all the surrounding context, but they get to the point quickly. It's the closest you'll ever get to "skimming" video.

Maybe you prefer to watch the original videos in all their glory. They are long. Really long. That's real work: distractions and side discussions, but also flow and context. These videos don't try to be concise, but they show you how the work is done as it's done. It's the closest you'll get in this course to pairing with me.

Maybe you'd like to watch the Short Takes to get an overview of the content, try some things out on your own, and then come back for the full details at your leisure. The full videos include the exercises, so even if you don't watch the full videos, you should read the notes.

Now you get to decide: continue on for the full videos or skip ahead to the Short Takes. Either way, enjoy, and never forget to ask questions in the comment sections on any page.

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